Provocative. Bold. Exciting.

Recognized as one of the world’s top hula-hoop artists, Ailona consistently delivers a captivating performance. Her incomparable skills and passion for the craft have brought her to such renown stages such as Franco Dragone, Absinthe, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, Oh La La and many more.

Born into a circus family that traveled the world, Ailona gained a unique perspective and intimate insights into the realm of circus arts, giving her the opportunity and experience to master many varied disciplines within the culture.

Coupled with her dedication, expertise, feel for rhythm, and attention to detail, Ailona creates her own unique characters into a spectacular hula-hoop act that sets stages on fire around the globe.

Whether it’s a sexy vampire in Miami, or a dreamlike fairy in London, Ailona can intuitively adapt her act to suit any audience or event. From corporate and commercial, to theatrical and nightclubs, her professional performance, outgoing personality, and enticing moves will guarantee that your guests will be amazed.



Franco Dragone

Foxy Lady

Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde


Atomic Saloon


Day-Glo Magic

Las Vegas




    Night after night, the Alexander Kunz Spiegelpalais unfolds a very special charm in the glow of hundreds of candles. It resurrects the old splendor of historic tents to give them a new, glamorous life! Let yourself be inspired and enchanted in the incomparable ambience of the Spiegelpalais. Enjoy a top-class dinner show in the "Alexander Kunz Theatre": For about four hours, our top-class acrobats, musicians, revue dancers, illusionists, entertainers, artists and comedians will take you away from everyday life. Our exquisite kitchen will spoil you with a menu made from the finest ingredients and perfectly matched wines and other drinks!


    Recently named by Las Vegas Weekly as “the #1 greatest show in Las Vegas history”, Absinthe at Caesars Palace is the provocative but unforgettable variety show which delivers that ‘only in Vegas’ experience you came looking for. A fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle, featuring wild, outlandish acts performed on an intimate, circular stage where the audience is as close to the action as you can possibly get. Hosted by the filthy rich (and just plain filthy) Gazillionaire and inspired by the absinthe-drenched cabarets of late 19th century Europe, Absinthe is an intoxicating cocktail of circus, burlesque and vaudeville for a 21st century audience. Grab a drink and enter Spiegelworld’s wondrous tent, an immersive adult playground which transports you to another dimension. Not for the faint-hearted, these ridiculously talented and sexy performers from across the globe mix outrageous comedy with jaw-dropping feats of virtuosity and danger.


    Madame Boozy Skunkton welcomes you to the wildest watering hole in town. Fast, funny and sexy, ATOMIC SALOON SHOW plays in Las Vegas’s most intimate entertainment venue, a Wild West wonderland hidden inside Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort. In its five-star review, The Times of London said, ”It’s like Blazing Saddles with sex on the brain. A ridiculously enjoyable show.” And the Las Vegas Sun said, “ATOMIC SALOON SHOW is nothing short of riotous. It moves at breakneck speed and packs in maximum laughs-per-minute. There’s comedy, dancing, quirky circus sideshow-style performances, aerialists and acrobats. This show makes you want to come back and see it again as soon as possible. Or maybe you just won’t want to leave” !!


    From the acclaimed creative minds behind the sellout sensation BLANC de BLANC and Madonna’s recent Rebel Heart tour comes a World Premiere Circus-Cabaret of eye-opening, cheeky and double deluxe talent of Deluxe Deluxe!! The glitterati of international cabaret and circus talent from all over the world will light up this summers sky of Sydney, Gold Coast, Hobart, Newcastle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Wollongong and Hamilton NZ ! Bring on the BANG !


    The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet! Every August, for three weeks, the city of Edinburgh welcomes an explosion of creative energy from around the globe. Performers of all stripes take to stages across the city to present shows for every taste. From big names in the world of entertainment to unknown artists looking to build their careers, the festival caters for everyone and includes theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, circus, cabaret, children's shows, musicals, opera, music, spoken word, exhibitions and events!


    Experience the explosive new production from Strut & Fret. Please get comfortable on the edge of your seat and observe the safety warnings, this a night of true adults-only adventure features world-class dance, slightly naughty comedy, circus and acrobatics and that will have everyone talking. Hand-picked cast of elite performers from around the globe and will take you on a silicon dipped, high gloss, high-octane experience which is bound to take you hostage, capture your heart and get your pulse racing!


    Impossible Theatre... A cool sophisticated theatrical nightclub experience that has been created to accommodate the captivating immersive experiences that will be unleashed from the minds of our creative team. The aim is to create the wow factor alongside “WTF” all executed and delivered by the impossible team and invited guests a harmonic force of management, DJs, bar staff, hosts, security, performers, acts and other ancillary personnel, are bequeathed with the mission to provide an entertainment establishment of pure unadulterated excellence!


    Born from within the heart, fueled with care, energy and passion, leveraged by dedication and craftsmanship, benchmarking premium standards, Uanderful was simply on everybody’s lips, hence the name that came inherently. It was never a purpose, but became the heart-beating tempo uniting an incredible team for a new story, a credo and a pledge for true values of quality time, sensorial indulgence through eclectic mix of food, world-class performers, astonishing cocktails and collection wines from all continents, impeccable serving, food pairing and table sharing with friends, closeness, timeless values making time stand still and crushing the ever fast-forward rithm!


    The famous French TV show “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde” first aired on 26 December 1998 and has since became one of the biggest entertainment shows in the world with over 3.8 millions viewers! Produced by Magic TV and presented by Patrick Sébastien It is broadcast on France 2. This year, always passionate about his excellent show, Patrick Sebastien presents the 20th season Of Grand Cabaret with even more magic, humour and spectacular performances from around the globe!


    The venue, with its shape resembling a tent, is a tribute to the ancient Bulgarians and offers spectacular views of Sunny Beach and the surrounding mountains. The restaurant, known for its masterpieces of culinary arts, is well attended due to its cabaret style. Live music and traditional-looking bearded Bulgarians wait on tables while artists wow the audience.


    The new rock-hot production of Palais Hoop Variety, In Kassel Germany, fulfils exactly what many viewers of 'Rock-show’ expect: a fast-paced variety extravaganza with a lot of dynamics; a firework of artistic achievements to ultra-cool guitar riffs and gigantic vocals. Rock music is the expression of a sense of life that stretches across generations, a synonym for freedom and individuality - honest, sexy, wild! It's Rockstar-Time ' - The air is shaking and the pulse is rising! The breathtaking international artists are accompanied in their performances by the musical legends of rock music. A great show that pulls the audience and takes them out of the chairs!


    The unusual gourmet theatre takes you into a world of fantasy and entertainment! In an extraordinary fairytale like atmosphere, the Spiegel Palast, presents an exclusive four-course gourmet menu - created by Germany's best star chef Harald Wohlfahrt. With the timeless elegance the extraordinary Mirror Palace provides the perfect setting to whisk visitors away into a magical world and immerse themselves in The Ultimate Art of World Class Entertainment & Cuisine!


    The special tribute to the King of Pop is presented in a visually and acoustically unique show "Circus meets Michael Jackson", more than forty dancers, extraordinary group of performers and professional musicians present their high level of art to the legendary songs of Michael Jackson!


    Lio is a delightfully uplifting cabaret experience unrivalled in Ibiza. Located at the end of the Ibiza Marina the walk up to the front entrance is lined with the mega yachts and super cars of the clientele inside. It features world class performers, singers and dancers to keep you entertained throughout your dinner until 1am when the venue morphs into a luxurious lounge club.


    This summer, the scene of Folies Bergère will vibrate to the rhythm of “Ohlala Sexy-Crazy-Artistic” Presented for the first time in France, by Gregory and Rolf Knie, it futures illusion, eroticism, humor, dance, acrobatics ... A skilful blend. How can we distinguish between good and evil, light and darkness, virtue and vice, how can we resist seduction, beauty and carnal of pleasures when we live in a world of innocence and virtue? Is this just an Illusion? How far are you ready to let yourself be drowned by love?


    The Christmas Show of “Flic Flac” circus, which was created especially for Mönchengladbach and will run in the city over Christmas and New Year's Eve, promises to take your breath away with world-class artists, acrobatics, comedy and the daring stunts of the flying motorcycles - motocross freestyle - live at 16 meters! This is pure adrenaline!!!


    Innocence meets sin. Purity and exigence meets the fascination of a lascivious temptation. Good and evil act with and against each other. Without pleasure there is no pain, no loss. In between, love has to decide: yes, no or a maybe. Should we resist to the act of seduction, or confess to the power of a true feeling? "Ohlala - SEXY - CRAZY - ARTISTIC - The fifth act" poses this question: Is this an illusion, a manipulation that leads us into temptation, or does the decision lie within us? Between black and white, there is so much more to discover ...


    The Winter Varieté dinner show brings the tradition of a legendary Varieté theater like the Moulin Rouge or Folies Bergère to Ladenburg. A delicious three-course menu by RNF-Telekoch Marc Kunkel, high class artists, magicians and singers from all over the world alternate. And all this in the unique atmosphere of a midst of 300 great oldtimers at Automuseum of Dr. Carl Benz.


    City of Dreams has once again teamed up with Franco Dragone, the creator of The House of Dancing Water, to deliver an erotic cabaret experience. The show of secret fantasies held in Macau’s prestigious Club Cubic, explores every deepest desire through sexy, mesmerizing performances by a cast of beautiful artists from around the world. The sophisticated and provocative choreography mixed with sexy acrobatic artistry emgages the audience in a very intimate way.


    The Friedrichsbau Varieté was founded in 1994. It is considered one of the best international varieties in Germany and has become an institution in Stuttgart's many-sided cultural landscapes. Tradition and innovation, unique artists and acrobats from all over the world are at home here and for more than 20 years have enchanted the audiences evening after evening.


    The bright new dinner show “Radio Ton Gourmet Palace” has opened it’s doors for the first time in Heilbronn. Placed in a classic mirror tent with a dream like atmosphere, it is offering its guests an excellent 4-course menu of the best star chefs in the region combined with a show program of the extra class filled with international artist from all over the world.


    The venue, with its shape resembling a tent, is a tribute to the ancient Bulgarians and offers spectacular views of Sunny Beach and the surrounding mountains. The restaurant, known for its masterpieces of culinary arts, is well attended due to its cabaret style. Live music and traditional-looking bearded Bulgarians wait on tables while artists wow the audience.


    This Halloween special opened in Miami, transforming Bayfront Park into a haven for the beautiful and seductive creatures of the night. This show kicked off with Count Dracula and his plan of world domination, in which he uses this circus, set in 19th century Bohemia, as a cover. The artists perform their alluring and spectacular acts appearing as vampires seducing the audience. Full of haunting music and amazing imagery this show is definitely not for the faint-hearted.


    One of Singapore's largest shopping centres, VivoCity, sparkled at Christmas as “it was transformed into a dazzling jewel by the sea”. VivoCity presented a 30 minute mesmerizing light extravaganza, accompanied by a series of speciality acts, making it utterly enchanting.


    This high profile club is attended only by VIPs and its dark and mysterious feel sets it apart from the rest. Set-up by a group of girls who specialise in fire shows and dark entertainment, guests are able to take advantage of the rock ‘n roll magic 24/7.


    This annual event is held in the small village, Wacken, in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. Every summer 80,000 heavy metal fans are welcomed to this event. In 2010 Circus of Horrors performers had an amazing time performing on the same stage as well-known bands including Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden.


    Freaks and Feathers is an adult themed show created by Docktor Haze who is the owner and ringmaster in Circus of Horrors. Housed in the Spiegeltent and situated in Parish Gardens, this show is something really unique, not only because it’s a horror-inspired rock ‘n roll production with a dash of modern day burlesque, but also because the seating brings the audience so close to the action that they have performers literally flying over their heads!


    McQueen's in Shoreditch hosts this weekly extravaganza known as ‘The Secret Rendezvous’. It is here where the industry’s leading DJ’s show off their skills with a selection of 70’s and 80’s mixed with classic house. Sexy and talented circus performers simply wow you with their mind-blowing acts in their outlandish costumes in a burlesque and cabaret style. This pulsating evening only gets better with signature cocktails and mouth-watering food to match, you will be left inspired and truly entertained.


    Zippos is the epitome of traditional circus with the famous ringmaster, Norman Barrett MBE, leading this historic show. This light-hearted creation got its biggest response from the children in the audience who were totally won over by the lively acts. The Riverside Festival in Stockton


    This traditional circus was a magical production aimed at a young audience. Run by a close knit Danish family, this charming production was from the heart, which made it so special.


    This dinner show blended traditional variety performances with contemporary dancing and modern music. The diverse styles, talent and energy which the artists brought to the stage made this Christmas production magical.


    This touring dinner show was hosted by a family run variety in Switzerland. Renowned for their spectacular menu, the evenings included a classic line up of magicians and comedians accompanied by live music.


    While not for the faint hearted, it was such a thrill to be part of this adult themed show, complete with sword swallowers, demon dwarves, fire dancing and death-defying aerialists! This extreme show started out in 1995 at the Glastonbury Festival and over the years boasts appearances from Alice Cooper, Eminem, Motley Crue, Oasis, Iron Maiden, The Manic St Preachers, Foo Fighters and others.


    Being the youngest generation in a Russian circus family made it so special to be part of this show. Although Moscow State Circus is a UK based production, it features only the best Russian performers, making it a prominent piece of culture and a point of pride.


    The International Magic Convention is the only one in London and has attracted the biggest names in the world of magic since 1972. Ron MacMillian was the founder of this event and it’s currently run by his family and close friends – some still know it as “Ron’s day”.


    It was an honour to perform in Billy Smart’s Circus as it’s one of the biggest names in the industry. Founded in 1946, and being the first colour programme to be transmitted by the BBC on a Bank Holiday, earned the circus a “Silver Camera” award. Many families enjoyed the energy of talented cast in this traditional show.


    It was refreshing to perform in a cutting edge production in the traditional ‘Big Top’ circus. The show was hip and unusual with modern styling and explosive acts.


    Performing in the legendary Hippodrome for its 99th anniversary was an incredible experience. The water show made this classic Christmas production a spectacular! As the Hippodrome is Britain’s only surviving stand-alone circus auditorium, it was recently named one of the 7 wonders of the British Seaside in the Daily Mail.




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